behind and outnumbered

It all started in February, the first week is what my foggy brain tells me. Yes it was a cold day (like every damn cold day this winter...sometimes I feel like we're living in game of thrones and this winter is actually going to last for YEARS).. either way, Alice approached me ten minutes shy of nap time and dutifully informed me that she was going to to nap but not Isla. It went like this...

Alice: my nap
Me: yes it's nap time soon
Alice: Isla awake
Me: no. It's nap time for Isla too

I thought it was odd at first and tried to tell myself that Alice was just being strange because two year olds are strange all of the time... But then we got to their room and Isla was all, no nap, my ( because my is me apparently) awake.

I laughed it off whilst internally shuddering and promptly put them to bed in their cribs and went downstairs. They're two and a half, they're going to nap until school right....

That's when the singing began. Not me in case there's any question of that... But Isla.

After thirty minutes of lullabies I went to investigate.

Just as I'd been warned, Alice was asleep and Isla...completely awake.

That was scheme number one.

In a month they've surpassed that first move with flying colours...
1. They climbed put of the cribs (actually I found a stack of books on the ground which suggests that one climbed out and then created the stack so they second could follow)
2. They figured out how to open their bedroom door
3. We took down the full rail and replaced it with a half, fully admitting to the defeat
4. Yesterday they emptied the ENTIRE contents of their closet in just under an hour

So yeah, I'm so damn behind of this whole photo a week thing but I can deal with that. What I'm not sure about yet is how I will survive with no more nap time.

that feeling

When I watched you up on stage it wasn't something new. I'd seen you up there, many times before but this time felt different. You always look right up there, like you belong there and I never really understood it. I don't think I ever really tried. But now that I find myself trying to be creative, suddenly seeing you up there seems perfect and raw and very brave.


My sister was here for far too long. She was here in time for my birthday (in December) and left last Monday. It felt like she was here forever, permanently... almost... but then we had to say goodbye, like we always do and now I know that she was here for far too long because I miss her everyday.

When Alice muttered Shmo-py-poo this morning I cringed thinking simultaneously that dammit our children have ridiculous memories and Steph's (the caller of sumo-py-poo) is so damn far away.

Luckily they've figured out how to FaceTime and have actual conversations on my iphone while I do such fun things as vacuum in the background, telling them to ignore me and head off to the playroom to talk to auntie.

we'll settle for facetime for now because we have to... we're just biding our time until she makes it big out there and then we will have no choice other than to move out there too.

embracing my inner caveman (girl)

I am not sure when exactly I decided to eliminate a couple of food groups, this day had really been brewing in the back of my head for quite some time. It might have been the headache that lasted more than a month, the chronic bloating that had me feeling awful about how I looked and felt, the acne that just wouldn't die or maybe it was the fact that as the weeks went on, my stomach just started yelling at me to please do something.

so I did. I went paleo, autoimmune to be specific, plus a few more eliminations

that was more than two months ago

now maybe doing this all one month shy of christmas was a tad excessive (read definite cheating and subsequent price paying) but once I did the research, saw the evidence, I knew I had to do it right then and there.

so I said byebye to all things dairy, grain, legume, sugar, nightshade, some fodmaps for good measure... at this point it's easier to tell you what I do eat than what I don't but I will tell you this... this paleo thing.. there's definitely something magic about going all meat eater. I mean, when I go to the grocery store, I literally shop only the perimeter, magic I tell you.

since this is the first written post of any substance in far too long, I'll keep it at that but I do hope to share more on this one day... hopefully soon.
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